Here are answers to some common questions we receive at Rock Nest Pet Care. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

What happens during a pet visit?

Each visit is a generous hour visit that we tailor for you and your pet(s). We ensure individual attention will be given to each pet which can include exercise, play, giving medications, and replenishing food and water. Additionally, we can bring in mail and yard and litter boxes can be cleaned.

Is a consultation appointment necessary?

Yes. At the time of our initial communication, an appointment for a no charge consultation will be arranged with you and your pets. Depending on the complexity of your needs and amount of pets, this could take up to an hour but is generally a 30 minute visit. At that time, important information will be gathered about how we can serve you best and let your pets have a chance to get to know us.

How many daily visits are necessary?

A general rule, your dogs require two visits and cats require one visit daily. We can adjust this to your pet’s needs.

When is payment due?

For overnight visits, we require payment upon completion of the visit. Daily visits, if regularly scheduled visits, will be billed weekly and will be due upon receipt. For occasional or a short term multi day visits (less than five daily visits), payment will be due on completion of visit or visit series.