New Understanding

Since our conversation, it’s been great to see Juni in a different light. We’ve learned not to interpret her behavior as aggressive but as overwhelmed and not knowing how to process the stimulation. Around Finn, our family, friends, and coworkers. Having this new understanding has also helped us to not put Juni in situations that we know will make her nervous or overwhelmed! I think since we’ve changed how we perceive her actions, she’s not as tense as well. Overall, your consultation has helped out relationship with Juni continue to grow immensely!

Lauren R.

Bright, Caring, Compassionate

Cheri Spaulding - Rock Nest Training and Pet Care in Creswell, Eugene, and Springfield

Our then two-year-old rescue dog Dottie was a wild-one when we got her — running around the living room, up and over the furniture, out of control!  I seriously doubted that accepting her had been a good idea!  We were scheduled for a vacation, so boarded her for 3 weeks with a “disciplinarian” trainer.  When we returned, she was much subdued, but still displayed a number of bad habits.

Then we moved to Eugene, where we met Cheri Spaulding, a “positive-reinforcement” trainer.  And Cheri took over Dottie’s training.

Over the next few months, with Cheri’s guidance, Dottie and we learned to work much better together.  Initially, and then progressively over the next two years, we hired Cheri to work with Dottie on basic walking and living skills, as well as dog-park behavior, problem solving (“go find it”), and even nose-work (searching for items with the “right smell”).  Dottie is now four and is a happy, relaxed (if still enthusiastic) dog.   She is no longer the “wild dog” that we first adopted, but a loving, respectful companion in our home.

Cheri is a bright, caring, compassionate, hard-working and reliable trainer and animal-care provider.  We are very pleased with Cheri’s positive technique and Dottie’s great response.  We implicitly trust her and we highly recommend her!

Mike & JoAnn McCabe

Saddest parts of moving was losing Cheri!

Cheri Spaulding - Rock Nest Training and Pet Care in Creswell, Eugene, and Springfield

Hiring Cheri as a dog walker is akin to giving your dog a friend. My dog Andy loved Cheri. She understood his quirks and worked with them.  Cheri is reliable and flexible. I really cannot say enough good things about her. One of the saddest parts of moving was losing Cheri!

Jason H.

A Lifesaver

Cheri Spaulding - Rock Nest Training and Pet Care in Creswell, Eugene, and Springfield

Cheri has been a lifesaver for me since relocating. I was worried about leaving my two dogs all day while working and have been so happy to have Cheri come by to take them for a walk. The dogs are very happy with their new routine ! Cheri has dog training experience and gives quality pet care so I know that they are in the best of hands. I have good communication from Cheri and always welcome her into my home!

Susan Bennett

Skilled, Responsible and So Caring!

Cheri Spaulding - Rock Nest Training and Pet Care in Creswell, Eugene, and Springfield

It has always been a challenge finding the “right” person to care for our dog, Eli,  and  Cheri is nothing short of wonderful.  She is skilled, responsible and so caring!  We know Eli is in good hands with her.  Thanks for being there for us (even at short notice!).

Jennifer Fedorov

Cheri was a huge life saver!

Cheri with ToesCheri was a huge life saver for my husband and me. Not only was she great with our dog, Toews, but she was incredibly flexible in working with our crazy schedules. We first reached out to her for pet sitting, then transitioned to dog walking and house sitting as well. Toews was excited to go with her, and he always came back better behaved than when he left. She updated us regularly with texts, and posted pictures on Facebook so we could see him while we were away. When she house sat for us, she took care to keep our home clean, and even vacuumed, changed the sheets, and emptied our dishwasher before we got home! It was awesome! We now have her as a regular dog-walker as we know we can trust her in our home and with our dog. She does such a wonderful job and is incredibly accommodating! I would absolutely recommend her!

Jerrica Becken

Thanks again for a superlative job!

Cheri with Tavie

Thank you so much for taking care of Tavie.

I have never seen her so relaxed when I got home — no signs the body-wriggling tail-shaking “I’m happy to see you but how could you leave me like that?” blues that have typically marred our reunions at other kennels. She continues to enjoy the bits of beef and liver you enhanced her meals with. Obviously no signs of that anorexia born of anxiety that she is prone to. I appreciated the daily-doggy-diary describing your  adventures with Tavie, interactions with toys, games, and her interactions with her puppy friends and the neighborhood kids., etc. The only thing better than reading about oneself is reading about one’s four-legged alter-ego.

I’m gratified to hear about the extra visits you made as well, and appreciate your empathy and taking her under your wing and up to your house after the chirping of the fire alarm turned her into a nervous wreck.  I’ve seen how that noise terrifies her.

Thanks again for a superlative job.  Tavie is a calm and happy girl. I know that letting her stay in her  own home was a much better alternative to putting leaving her in doggy jail,– no matter how large or nice the cell. It’s hard enough to leave a your partner behind you when you have to travel. I feel much better leaving her in your tender care. You have my future business!  Thanks again.
Carolanne (and Tavie)

Colleague and Friend

I’ve known Cheri for over 20 years, first as a student in my undergraduate animal behavior and bioethics courses, then in those for trainers, and now as a colleague and friend.  Throughout this time I’ve been impressed by her intelligence, willing to work hard, and ability to see the big picture.

While always important, these qualities are especially so when working with companion animals whose physical, behavioral, and bond needs sometimes may be quite complex.  I wouldn’t hesitate to have her care for my animals in my absence.

Myrna Milani, BS, DVM

TippingPoint Animal Behavior Consulting Services Charlestown NH



compassionate and caring

I have known her for over 15 years, first as a student and then as a colleague . . . Refreshingly, Cheri is as compassionate and caring with people as she is with animals, a rare but important quality in the animal field.

Sue Sternberg, Founder, Executive Director, Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption